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A Basic Primer on Circuit Training

A Basic Primer on Circuit Training

Are you hoping to find a way to make your fitness routine a little less boring? The truth is that doing the same thing every day can get frustrating, which is one of the reasons that people drop their gym use. However, circuit training is an option that makes the gym fun again and lets you try everything you want for short periods.

Basics of Circuit Training

A circuit training workout often involves spending time at around 10 different exercise stations. Once you finish one station, you move on to another station instead of resting. There are endurance and strength circuits where you alternate the muscles you work on as well as aerobic and strength circuits that involve both resistance exercises and cardiovascular exercise. In most cases, you can complete a circuit in 30 minutes to an hour.

Why Try Circuit Training

Many people give up on hitting the gym because they are tired of doing the same thing, or they don’t have time to get everything done that they would like to. Circuit training handles both of those issues while ensuring muscular and cardio fitness. You can burn a large number of calories during a moderate circuit. Because you can change up the sequence of exercises, it can also be adapted to your training goals or mood.

Circuit Training at the Gym

Many gyms offer circuit training classes that allow you to have some company while working out. This can be a great option since moving from station to station may be difficult when other people are using the equipment. A personal trainer can also help you build the right training workout for your needs. 

You can keep things interesting at the gym by partaking in circuit training. You’ll get to burn calories while working out all the major muscle groups. The best part is that it takes very little time so you can get back out of the gym and enjoy the rest of your day.