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Top 3 Fitness Tips for People in Their Thirties

Top 3 Fitness Tips for People in Their Thirties

Top 3 Fitness Tips for People in Their Thirties

There is a huge difference in the way that we work out in our 20s versus how we should be working out in later decades. That high-intensity Crossfit routine might not suit you as well at 35 as it does at 25, though. Turning 30 means a lot of things, including that your fitness needs are changing. Here are some fitness tips to make the most of your fitness and health in your fourth decade:

Exercise is the Leading Form of Preventive Medicine as You Age

After the age of 20, the body’s metabolism begins to drop at a rate of 1-2% every decade. That means that how you exercise will change as you age. You’ll need to find fitness routines and exercises that address the extra slow down of your metabolism. Once you hit 30, you may have to work a little harder to get the same results, but it is going to keep your body in better shape.

Circuit Training is More Effective

Speaking of harder work, many experts recommend circuit training to keep the body’s calorie-burning power strong. This involves a series of cardio exercises and resistance training done back-to-back in a rapid-fire fashion. Don’t just create a routine and stick to it, though. This might have worked in your 20s, but your older body is wiser and needs you to change things up so that it doesn’t get used to the routine. You’ll work harder for results in your 30s, so make it fun and keep it fresh.

Your Midsection is Making a Stand

After 30, the weight in the body shifts and many people start gaining in their stomachs. Whether you call it your beer belly, your food baby, or anything else, you should pay attention to how it’s growing and find ways to work it out. This doesn’t mean that you need to do 500 crunches a day, either. You just need to keep working out and focus on exercises that promote calorie burning and core strength.

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