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3 Ways to Skip the Gym on Busy Days

3 Ways to Skip the Gym on Busy Days

3 Ways to Skip the Gym on Busy Days

Everyone knows the obvious way to skip the gym when you’re too busy– just don’t go. What if you still want to get your workout in, but you don’t have time? Maybe you’re going to be out of town for meetings and won’t be back before the gym closes. Regardless of your reason, there are plenty of ways you can make up for skipping the gym on those hectic days.

Have a backup home workout


If you have a gym membership, there’s a chance that you have access to a personal trainer. If nothing else, you should use their services to help you set up a workout that you can do at home. That way, if something comes up that keeps you from getting to the gym, you won’t have to throw out the entire day. Plus, you will have one less excuse.


Take the stairs everywhere


If you don’t encounter many stairs in your day, just walk as much as you can. If, however, you live on the sixth floor and work on the fourth, take the stairway instead of piling into the elevator with the rest of the building. When you know you aren’t going to get your regular workout in, you can try to find creative ways to at least get some extra steps in so that you aren’t missing out entirely.


Double up the next day


It’s a gruelling option, but you can always choose to do a double workout to make up for a missed day. Make sure, before you choose this option, that you will have time to complete the entire double workout. If you don’t, you could risk putting it off again and again until it’s all but lost. One workout isn’t the end of the world, but it could affect your consistency if you aren’t careful.


Working out should never be a chore. Some days, however, you just might have too much going on. This is where it’s important to have a backup plan in place. These ideas can get you started and help you come up with other ways to stay active if you can’t get to your regular gym. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up too much. It can be hard to stay consistent with a fitness routine, but as long as you are trying, you’re taking the right steps.