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Is Kaatsu Training Right for You

What Is Kaatsu Training? Is It Right For You?

Is Kaatsu Training Right for You

Have you heard of Kaatsu training? Proponents of this type of exercise say that you can get an entire body workout that will thoroughly work the muscles in less than half an hour. They also claim that those who follow this type of training will not have to worry about the soreness that typically follows intense workouts, and that you can do it with only a few weights and bodyweight exercises. Even better, they tell you that the workouts will increase strength and endurance while reducing body fat and you can experience great gains in a matter of weeks.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, just wait. This training, which has made its way westward from Japan has produced some stunning results, and many have started undergoing this training. It utilises computer-controlled pressurized bands that attach to the upper arms and legs. They reduce the amount of blood that flows from the muscles back to the heart. The muscles become engorged and it mimics what can happen during long periods of exercise. Then, light exercise provides all the workout you need.

Before you head out and try to find Kaatsu training in Limerick, you should be aware that it does have some potentially serious drawbacks. For starters, it tends to be costly for those who may want to certify as a trainer and to buy the equipment, ending up running into thousands of euros. In addition, if it is not done correctly, there are risks. Those who leave the bands on for too long or lift heavy weights could damage their muscles. It could also end up causing blood clots.

There may be a time and place for this type of exercise, but you should always make sure you talk with a trainer and get their advice before you do anything drastic.