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9 Ways to Get in Shape Quickly and Efficiently

9 Ways to Get in Shape Quickly and Efficiently

Whether you are rushing to fit into your wedding dress or just want to be as healthy as you can be as soon as possible, these tips will help you get in shape quickly. While there are no immediate cures to being overweight or out of shape, these 9 tips will move things along at a brisk pace.


#1 Drink. A Lot.

Wait! Before you get too excited about this tip, let us point out that the beverage you are supposed to drink has to be water. Now you may be thinking that it doesn’t sound that exciting, but water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, boosts your immune system and is one of the keys to weight loss. It is such an easy step in your weight loss regimen, but it is often one that is overlooked.


#2 Pack in the Protein.

Fitness is about 80% diet. So, to achieve your fitness goals and get in shape as quickly as possible, you are going to have to cut the carbs. When you switch your fuel source to protein, you boost your metabolism, feel full longer, and build muscle mass. There are many foods that provide protein including lean meats and chicken, but even if you are vegetarian you can still get plenty of protein from hummus and beans.


#3 Take a HIIT.

If you are looking for a workout that takes up less time and speeds up the results, try a HIIT (high intensity interval training) program. Due to the fact that it takes less time during your day, you are more likely to find a time to squeeze it in.


#4 Do Double Duty.

Get the most out of each of your workouts by trying to incorporate compound movements. A compound movement engages two separate muscle groups at the same time which helps you get in shape faster.


#5 Partner Up.

Everyone has an off day, and without a motivation partner to make sure you hit the gym, you just might shrug it off. Then, before you know it, you are in the habit of shrugging off your workouts, and habits are extremely hard to break. Get a partner and push each other to get in shape.


#6 Change Is Good.

Make sure your workout routine is varied. Otherwise, you will get bored quickly and will have trouble sticking to it long enough to meet your goals. So, spend some of your workout time doing cardio, some of it lifting weights, and it is never amiss to throw in a yoga class or two.


#7 Give Yourself a Break.

Don’t expect too much from your body. If you were a TV binging, nonstop chip eater last week, don’t expect to be a strict vegan that runs three miles a day next week. Give yourself time to break bad habits and build good ones.


#8 Don’t Say You Can’t.

Yes, you should be realistic about what you are capable of, but don’t let yourself become negative and start saying you can’t do something. Anyone can get in shape. You just have to work at it and be patient.


#9 Be Realistic.

Set a tangible, real-world goal. It will make things more real and attainable. Don’t just be vague and say something like “I wanna get in shape!” Make a real goal that you can achieve, and while having a certain number you want to see on the scale is an okay goal, it is even better if your goal is something like run a 5k or to compete in a triathlon.

No matter your reasons for wanting to get in shape, Planet Health is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.